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Rehabbers are unpaid volunteers who donate their own time and resources to
feed, rehabilitate, vaccinate, and care for injured and orphaned wildlife.
There are a number of ways you can help.

Donate Funds

SIWRA is organized and operated exclusively for charitable, educational and scientific purposes within the meaning of 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code.
Your gifts are fully tax deductible and receipts will be provided.
Donate Food

Specialized formula is necessary for the babies, but once weaned, cat food and a wide variety of other foods are useful for feeding growing critters. Restaurant and grocery leftovers can be appropriate and useful. Talk to a rehabber for specific information.
Donate Time

During the busy seasons in the spring and early summer when orphaned babies are abundant, you can help feed and learn to care for some of the animals.


Volunteers are needed to help take orphaned and injured animals from your area to rehabbers' locations.
We receive animals from a wide area but there aren't rehabbers everywhere.
Release site owners

Appropriate areas for releasing rehabbed animals are always needed. Talk to a rehabber about areas you might have available.

The impact on the lifestyle of the rehabilitator can be dramatic, particularly in the spring and summer when babies come in needing feeding every 2-4 hours.
The cost of hand-raising wildlife species is probably much more than you'd expect.
In fact, the financial burden is often what drives people from the avocation. These are unpaid volunteers who are licensed by the state but receive no governmental support.

To demonstrate the cost, here are some crude figures from one year for selected species:
Baby Raccoon formula
Whitetail deer fawn formula
$31/individual per season
$57/individual per season

The formulae are made up to match the composition of the milk of each species. In this area, the most common species and the cost of the largest available unit of formula (20 lbs.) is given below.

Tree squirrels
Red Fox
Whitetail fawns
Formula Cost
$210/20 lbs
$182/20 lbs
$206/20 lbs
$206/20 lbs
$210/20 lbs
$223/20 lbs
$178.50/20 lbs
$114/20 lbs

Species other than raccoons and deer tend to eat less and wean faster, but in some cases the post-weaning diet is also pricey. Carnivores, like the fox, skunk, and raccoon need meat. The mink eat prodigious amounts of fish. Squirrels require fresh fruit and vegetables and whole nuts.

When we can afford it we vaccinate for canine distemper and parvovirus. If either disease is sweeping through the area, the effects are devastating on the vulnerable babies. Inoculation costs about $19/individual.

Other supplies we use are antibiotics, probiotics, colostrum, rehydration formula, bedding, pet carriers and other caging, warmers, and even stuffed toys. All that bedding requires frequent laundering. There is often a need of veterinary services as well.

Important Notes:

Our copy of your donation's Paypal receipt will be our only record of your transaction.

We use Paypal because we don't want to keep records of your sensitive private info (credit card #, phones, etc...).

We also won't be calling or emailing you to solicit more donations. People who care help when they can.

All donations will generate a tax deductible receipt.

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