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Babies wandering around human habitats:

Raccoon kits that are old enough to climb out of a nest when starving will do so and seek their mother.
They will sometimes come into outbuildings or porches, especially if food is there, even if they are not weaned.
These babies are orphaned. A kit with a mother will be quietly in the nest or following her.

A "tame" juvenile hanging around:

Although it is possible that a pet raccoon has escaped or been released, if you find a youngster that is passive to the point of being indifferent to what to a normal individual should consider threatening, it could well be sick.

Particularly in the fall, juveniles sometimes succumb to canine distemper. A lethargic individual with weepy eyes and a nose that looks to have a cracked surface is suspicious.

If you live in an area served by an animal control office, first contact them. They will either assess the animal or have someone do so, but in any event, they will probably wish to know of the possibility of a canine distemper outbreak in their area.

Mother displaced from the nest Sometimes spring cleaning or renovation results in a mother being flushed from a nest of babies.

If the nest has not been disrupted significantly and the babies kept warm, there is a chance she will return and retrieve them. Depending on the age of the kits, they may only require warming during the period of time given the mother to return (until the next morning.)

Contact a wildlife rehabilitator to determine if they need feeding and to arrange for them to do so during this trial period.

If the nest is destroyed, like when a nest tree is felled, the surviving kits should be rescued. Mother is unlikely to return. Place the baby or babies in a box with some toweling and a hot water bottle.
Make sure the hot water bottle is wrapped very well in a couple of layers of toweling so the babies do not get burned.

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