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Skunks have a relatively brief mating season so most litters are born about the same time. Most are in nests in April. They follow the mother in single file once leaving the nest, so finding a dead mother (as indicated by enlarged teats) indicates that babies could be in a nearby nest or can be found near the mother.

Nests are excavations under outbuildings or under logs. Nestlings can be picked up but the followers are often hard to capture and have to be trapped. Canned cat food or tuna make good bait.

All skunks can spray, and the larger ones can and will bite. Employ live traps, if you have them, if a rehabilitator cannot respond immediately. If you are planning to handle babies or occupied traps, wear gloves.

However, waiting for a rehabilitator or conservation officer is much preferable.

Analyze the situation using the flowchart to determine the best course of action.


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